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Bold ideas for low-income markets

June 2023

Explore our 10 x bold flippin' ideas

Flip through our thought-provoking deck of bold and raw ideas.
As part of an initiative with FROLIC studio, we created these cards to help spark imaginations.
And ultimately inspire new, life-improving solutions for low-income communities.

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The challenge

Back in 2018, Bopinc launched a conversation-starter style publication called: ‘20 Wacky Ideas for the Base of the Pyramid’. A simple tool to help spark imaginations and inspire life-improving solutions for low-income communities. Five years on we joined forces with FROLIC studio, to see what other bold hurdle-jumping ideas we could come up with, to add to the mix.

The approach

To get to our weird, wonderful and wacky ten, we of course went on an ideation journey together. With our diverse global team of market insiders, curious designers and entrepreneurial problem-solvers, we first looked at the biggest challenges and aspirations of low-income communities, and then applied a ‘how-might-we’ approach to brainstorming on potential solutions.

Our final ten

From the many ‘out there’ concepts, we got down to our final flippin' ten. We considered which ones had the most potential to deliver the most impact, where it mattered the most. Ideas that are not a final solution, but may lead to something that could be. To help bring them to life, we also visualised each idea and reframed them as ‘what-if’ statements.

Be bold with us

Be the pebble that brings about a wider ripple, help turn humble ideas into something much more transformative. Share one of our initial ideas, or brainstorm your own. Or if you’re simply curious to know more about our process, or our work in low-income markets - get in touch!